How to Protect Skin and Hair from Holi Colours?

Thursday March 18, 2021 at 2:11 pm

Everyone Indian is excited about spring. Not because of the beautiful climate and weather, but because what we love the most during spring, colours. No other season is considered as the season of Colours like spring. Every one of us is excited about this season as the colourful festival, Holi arrives. Holi is often said to be the festival of love, Colours, and spring. It is an ancient festival of India which shows how the good destroys and conquers the evil or the bad. As it is known to be the festival, mainly of Colours, it is celebrated by using some specially made Holi Colours. Gulal is used as Holi Colours. Gulal is the powered form of Colours. Some people dance, and some people sing by throwing Colours at each other for the celebration of the festival.

In ancient times, these Colours were made naturally from flowers that came from trees like the Indian coral tree and the flame of the forest. Even during the earlier times Colours were made naturally. Holi Colours from those days had good medical values and they did not have effects on the skin. They had some good effects on the skin.

Harmful effects such as eye allergy, puffiness, temporary blindness, carcinogenic, contact dermatitis, and even skin cancer can take place by the use of those harmful Colours. It is always better to buy herbal Colours of better quality as they are less harmful.

Although of the ill effects of the Colours, people do not stop playing with Colours at that festival. Before playing with Colours, it is always advised to have a good idea of prevention from the bad effects. Skin and hair roots are both very sensitive. It is always helpful to know some skin protection tips.

Do you know how to have proper skin protection during Holi? Do you know how to have good hair after Holi? Here are some wonderful hacks below:

Skincare Before Holi

  • Coconut oil as well as almond oil is beneficial as it protects our skin from harmful chemicals. Apply any of these two oils on your face and exposed skin. Use these oils before going out, to play Holi with your loved ones.
  • One can also use sunscreen, for skin protection against chemical damage. It will also protect your skin from harmful UV rays and will not let your skin dry. Apply it at least half an hour ago.
  • Just in case, if you do not want to have colourful nails, you can use nail polish. Apply it to your nails and then play with Colours. You can use a nail polish remover later, and you will have clean and colour-free nails.
  • The skin of the eye of the thinnest. You can try different shades of sunglasses, both to protect your eyes and also to look cool. It will also add a style statement to your look.
  • One can also use a foundation or petroleum jelly like Vaseline to protect the skin. Skin protection will be at its best by using this method.

Skincare after Holi

  • Always use cold water while washing the Colours away from your skin. Hot water may make it difficult in removing the chemicals.
  • Washing the face or skin, again and again, will result in nothing rather than making your skin dry. Avoid doing that. Washing the skin more often will not help.
  • Apply moisturizer before trying to remove the Colours. You can also make a small cotton ball and dip it into coconut oil or almond oil and then apply it over your skin. This procedure will make it easy to remove the Colours and it will not let your skin dry.
  • After Holi, wait for a couple of weeks before doing skincare treatments like bleach, facial, tan removal, and dark head removal.
  • Do not apply harsh face washes, as they might react with the chemicals present in the Colours. You never know what colour people are using.
  • Use a mild, chemical and parable-free face wash to clean your face. Rashes and allergies are common after Holi. For taking good skincare does not use face washes with a lot of chemicals
  • Use different types of face packs made from natural items like turmeric, lemon, milk, wheat flour, etc.
  • Do not hard scrub your skin. It can result in itching creating allergies. For better skincare, wash gently.

Hair Care Before Holi

  • Oil your hair before you think of getting colour. The chemical can make your hair seriously frizzy and dry if exposed to a longer period.
  • You can use coconut oil or castor oil and apply them to your hair. You can also mix both of them and then apply them to your hair. Applying oil on the previous night will be more efficient, as the oil will reach the roots and block the Colours.
  • People having long hair should tie their hair and then go out for getting the colour. This will restrict the Colours to go deep into your scalp and damage the follicles.
  • Covering the hair is also a good idea. You can use a shower cap or any normal beanie to protect your hair. Also, you can take a piece of cloth and then tie it around your head covering the hair, making a turban-like shape.

Hair Care after Holi

  • Wash your hair thoroughly, to remove all the Holi Colours, chemicals, dust, dirt, and the smallest particles present.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly and apply a mild chemical-free shampoo that will nourish and add oil to your hair. Wash at least for a minimum of ten minutes.
  • Conditioning hair must be done properly. It will help to make it oily and lock the oil present in your hair. Clean your hair deeply and then condition it.
  • Use hair masks after some days to remove Holi Colours permanently from hair and scalp.

Despite all these, drink plenty of water or liquid fluids.  It is important to keep yourself hydrated as both the skin and hair dry up if not taken care of properly. Moreover, remember to play safe and use herbal Colours that have low amounts of chemicals and are lesser harmful.

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