Blendjet : Product Review

Sunday March 8, 2020 at 6:22 pm

BlendJet is one of the most beautiful gifts of technology and you can simply take advantage of the same as soon as you buy one. This is actually a small power-machine in your hand that allows you to literally make anything including smoothies, tasty shake or say the baby food. Another point that ought to be highlighted here is that you can use it anywhere without having to worry much. BlendJet is one of the most compact technologies that is built with the intention of rendering it a portable design. The best aspect of the device is that it is made up of BPA free food-safe materials which means that there is nothing to worry about health safety. It fits in most standard size cup holders.

No immediate access to power points required

Since I have begun using the product, I enjoy the fresh and amazing flavors every day. Owing to the fact that it is lightweight that renders it portable, it comes with a USB rechargeable port that implies I can use this irrespective of the fact that I have access to electricity/ power points or not.

Easy to recharge

It usually gives up on its battery back -up only after you are done blending at least 8-12 beverages having undergone a single charge. Once the battery gets drained, you need to simply plug into any USB port or say the charger in order to recharge it in no time. This blender is well-packed with the 2000mAh rechargeable battery that is literally a lot.

Both convenience and power

By saying that it is portable and can be charged, I do not intend to hide its other features. It is so designed that there is no need for you to compromise with the convenience for the sake of power. It has six stainless steel blades that run with the help of the powerful 5V electrical motor spins can almost cut literally any fruit. This means that you can go in for making shakes and smoothies using the diverse types of fruits.

Cleans itself

As far as cleaning the BlendJet is concerned, you need not worry much about it as it does this cleaning work on its own. It literally as well as practically cleans itself. All that you need to do is add water and the drop of dishwashing gel which is optional and simply run the BlendJet until it is clean. The BlendJet One comes with another beautiful feature that we call a built-in strainer. This feature helps you to keep your prepared beverage chunk free.

This is definitely one of the best products that you must own. It can be used with ease and for multifarious things. Having brought this home, there is not even a single day that I skip my breakfast as I carry this along to make some shake in case I have no time to prepare breakfast otherwise.

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