Diabetes Myths Busted !!

Wednesday April 22, 2020 at 7:11 am

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that people are facing these days. The problem comes associated with a lot of misconceptions and diabetes myths. It is time that we bust some of these most common myths that can be a potential cause of panic in society.

Diabetes is a contagious disease

Diabetes has been categorized as a non-communicable disease. This means that it cannot pass from one person to another via sneezing or touching. However, it is a genetic disease that might be passed from parents to offspring.

Eating excessive sugar causes diabetes

If this had been true then most of the population across the globe would be suffering from diabetes. In reality, it is a result of poor diet and lack of exercise or obesity. This is however true that consuming sugar excessively results in weight gain which eventually becomes a cause of this disease.

No sweets or chocolates for people with diabetes

 Sugar is not actually a forbidden food for people with diabetes. You are allowed to have it indefinite quantity but only if you complement it with exercise and take it under doctor’s prescription.

Failure to take insulin means your failure

Initially, people suffering from type 2 diabetes can tackle the problem by combining healthy eating as well as exercising. Diabetes is not at all a static condition of the body but is open to changes. When first diagnosed with diabetes you might be required to begin the intake of oral diabetes medication and after some time you might have to take the insulin too.

Type 1 diabetes is more chronic than type 2 diabetes

Irrespective of the cause that led to diabetes, a person suffering from any form of diabetes experiences high levels of blood glucose. In case you leave this condition uncontrolled then be it type 1 or type 2 diabetes, it can result in dire consequences. By these complications, we imply heart disease, blindness, stroke, kidney disease, amputation, and nerve damage.

Aged people are more susceptible to getting diabetes

A few years ago this might have been a possibility with young ones being diagnosed only with insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes. However, today even people in the young age bracket are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, the cause behind this is the inappropriate habits of people like overeating, physical inactivity, and a sedentary lifestyle. Anyone who follows such a lifestyle can fall a potential trap to developing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Only diabetic people need diabetic foods

When we head out to the supermarket we come across foods that are marked ‘diabetic.’ However, it does not mean that only people suffering from any sort of diabetes are supposed to consume these foods. Anyone who desires to eat healthily can consume these. The idea behind labeling them diabetic is the way they have been manufactured. These foods can raise blood glucose levels due to the replacement of one type of sugar with another. Also, these are quite expensive with the potential to have a laxative effect in case they have sugar alcohol.

With these common myths busted we expect that many of your doubts must have cleared by now. In case there are more myths that you would like to bust, you can share these in the comment section below.

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