Random Covid test for passengers arriving in Delhi

Wednesday April 7, 2021 at 12:18 pm

The Delhi government has taken up to decision to undertake random testing of passengers arriving in the capital city. This shall be applicable for people commuting from states that have reported the highest number of active cases. So, if you are detected positive during the test, you shall need to get into quarantine mandatorily.

According to the current scenario, states such as Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Punjab are reported to have a wide number of positive cases.

Keeping in sync with the Delhi International Airport, the District Disaster Management Authorities shall conduct the tests. Only after the collection of the samples, the commuters shall be allowed to leave the airport premises. It’s been proclaimed that according to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare protocol, you need to mandatorily get quarantined if you are found positive.

In addition to this, such tests might be conducted at the bus stops and railway stations across the city.

The government of Delhi has stressed upon the fact that it is very essential to keep maintaining social distancing and there should be an implementation of the rules and regulations pertaining to Covid-19 and that too in a vigorous manner. Much like other states in the country, Delhi is also witnessing a rapid hike in the number of active cases.

In the meantime, the government of Delhi has also proclaimed that from 9pm to 9am, only one-third of the vaccination centres shall remain open as of now. Such a move has been taken to increase the number of Covid-19 inoculation. In the earlier times, these vaccination centres remained open only between 9am to 9pm.